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About me
I recently finished my PhD computer science at ETH Zurich, the title of my thesis is The Scale Axis Transform. Now I am software engineer at Google.

I did competitive figure skating for more than fifteen years. Being national junior champion, I skated for Romania at major competitions like Junior Worlds and Grand Prix's, but after finishing my junior career, I concentrated on my studies.

I come originally from Romania, and I am still rooting for Romania at sports events. Right now, I live in Zurich, Switzerland and I enjoy its snow in winter and its lake in the summer months.

If you want to find out more about my background download my resume in pdf format. You can contact me via email at this address:
The Scale Axis Transform
The scale axis transform is a generalization of the medial axis transform. It introduces a family of skeletons that captures the important features of a shape and yields a hierarchy of successively simplified skeletons. For details see the SoCG 2009 and SIGGRAPH 2010 papers, for a more fun and intuitive presentation check out this and this video.
Scale Axis Transform Balint Miklos, Joachim Giesen, Mark Pauly: Discrete Scale Axis Representations for 3D Geometry. ACM Transactions on Graphics, SIGGRAPH 2010. pdf... web... video...
Scale Axis Transform Joachim Giesen, Balint Miklos, Mark Pauly, Camille Wormser: The Scale Axis Transform. ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry 2009. pdf... web...
Scale Axis Picture Show Joachim Giesen, Balint Miklos, Mark Pauly, Camille Wormser: The Scale Axis Picture Show. ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry 2009 Video/Multimedia. pdf... video...
Other publications
medial axis of union of voronoi balls Joachim Giesen, Balint Miklos, Mark Pauly: The Medial Axis of the Union of Inner Voronoi Balls in the Plane. In press, accepted to special issue of Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications pdf...

Joachim Giesen, Balint Miklos, Mark Pauly: Medial Axis Approximation of Planar Shapes from Union of Balls: A Simpler and more Robust Algorithm. The 19th Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry, 2007. pdf...
Invited to a special issue of Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications, see above paper for extended version.
master thesis Balint Miklos, Joachim Giesen, Mark Pauly: Medial Axis Approximation from Inner Voronoi Balls: A Demo of the Mesecina Tool. ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry 2007 Video/Multimedia. pdf... video...
master thesis Balint Miklos: Delaunay Refinement for Finite Element Mesh Generation. Proceedings of "Interdisciplinarity in Engineering" Conference, Targu-Mures, Romania, 2003, pp. 317 -- 322

Mesecina Mesecina is a software to visualize and study the medial axis and related computational geometry structures. This video was produced with Mesecina and illustrates a medial axis approximation method and medial axis instability in the plane. You can see some more pictures from Mesecina here. Windows binaries of the software are free for download. more...
Some undergraduate projects
master thesis Researching theory for a better understanding of the medial axis of a shape (middle lines, skeleton) in terms of stability; Implementation for application in computer graphics.
flow complex Using a geometric structure called flow complex for surface reconstruction. Design and implementation of geometric algorithm to compute unstable manifolds. more...
water complex Extending height field water simulation to layered model for handling "pouring water" simulation. pdf...
mesh generator Implementation of finite element mesh generator for numerical solution of heat conduction equation. Joint work with Vilmos Zsombori. pdf... (in Hungarian)
Some industry projects
zebra - surface quality Software development to assess surface quality: approximating curvatures on triangle meshes; remeshing surfaces for mesh quality improvement (smoothing "zebra lines")
ireen - wap engine Leader of ireen project, a wap server platform for easy creation of mobile web applications. Used for ringtone wap portals and promotion applications (Coca-Cola, Swisscom)
mms to screen Design and implementation of mms to screen, an application for real-time broadcasting of mms pictures to big screens. Used at concerts, open-air festivals, soccer games (world cup qualifiers)
protocol interface TCP based protocol implementation for interfacing a content management system with third party applications. Used for selling third party mobile games under own brand.
Random thoughts
÷ My first name is Bálint, and not Miklós. ÷ Sunshine is great. ÷ I like the idea of flying. ÷ When one does something, he/she should do it right, or not do it at all. ÷ I am convinced that the best Romanian beer is the Silva Black. ÷ Focus more on quality than on quantity. ÷ The best things happen spontaneously. ÷ South Park. ÷ It is important to know how to relax. ÷ Be open, it's fun. ÷ "You're Mr. Lebowski. I'm the Dude." ÷ Have principles, but not too many. ÷ I never said to be like me, I say to be like you and make a difference. ÷ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ÷ If you're not prepared to be wrong you're never gonna be creative ÷ People only know what you tell them, Carl ÷ An investor needs to do very few things right as long as he or she avoids big mistakes ÷ To the user, the interface is the product ÷ Fear is far and away the largest impediment to doing great things ÷ As for the Why: beyond the obvious financial motivation, it's exceedingly simple... because I can ÷ Grigori Yakovlevich Perelman ÷ Incrementalism is innovation's worst enemy ÷ I like people in hats and big eyebrows ÷ Build trust before you need it ÷ Focus on things that don't change ÷
balint miklos
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balint miklos
balint miklos